The Longest Journey saga continues via crowd funding


Remember the golden age of “thoroughbred” adventure games? We’d say this was over by mid ‘90s, but since then, we sometimes see a few new games, deemed worthy of this gaming culture.

One of those was The Longest Journey, released in 2000 for PC, as well as its sequel, titled Dreamfall, in 2006 for PC and Xbox. That game had kind of a “cliffhanger” ending, but now the time has come for loose ends to be tied up.

The same development team of these two games, now under a new company (Red Thread Games instead of Funcom), posted a project on Kickstarter, approximately a week ago, on February 8th, to revive this series.

Its name shall be “Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey”, and the money required os 850 thousand dollars. Well, today this goal was achieved, and the game is now definitely on track for development and release.

Until March 10th, when this pledge ends, you can chip in too, provided of course you are still left unscathed by the financial crisis. Anything you might give from now on, will be invested to extra features, like releasing the game not only for Windows, but for MacOS and Linux as well, or expanding the story and world. No, there are no plans for release on consoles, as of yet.

Any amount is welcome, from 1 dollar to... whatever your budget can stand to lose. In fact, depending on the amount you will pledge, you will receive several “gifts” by the company, when the game is ready. From wallpapers, soundtrack and artbooks, to the ability of downloading the full game for free, receiving it on disc or on a USB stick. You can even see your name listed on the title’s CREDITS!!!

For the moment, take a look at the first images of Dreamfall Chapters, and watch the video below, to realize how serious the development team is about this game.

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