Tweetdeck to stop its service on May 7, after its acquisition by Twitter


After announcing that it is going to close down Tweetdeck for Android and iOS last month (after its acquisition), Twitter has now announced the termination date of the service. In all its glory, Tweetdeck for Android and iOS will cease its operation and will end appearing in the respective App Stores on May 7. According to the announcement, the apps will not only be removed from app stores, but they will also stop functioning.

“TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone will be removed from their respective app stores and will stop functioning on May 7. Our Facebook integration will also stop on May 7”

Tweetdeck team noted in an update on the official blog.

Pay attention though, that the official Tweetdeck web app, Chrome app along with the respective apps for PC and Mac will continue to function as promised!

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