Microsoft versus the world. Episode No. 68964...

We all know that Microsoft has spent almost 1$ billion for marketing reasons, which undoubtedly a LOT of money. That's why the Redmond based company messes now with Samsung Galaxy S4 and especially with its... hefty price!


Our presenter goes to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 without contract and pays almost 750$. Then he heads to a Microsoft store (yes they exist) and buys a Nokia Lumia 5121 with out contract and leaves with some gifts: an Xbox music subscription, headphones and a small Windows 8 laptop!

Just so you know, with 750$ a small family of 4 can cope for a month and have some money left at the end of it! But truth is that Microsoft should not compare Galaxy S4 with just a Nokia Lumia 521. Instead it should compare it with the Lumia 925, when our presenter would have only 300$ in his hands left. In any case here's what Microsoft thought to do in order to boost its Windows Phone 8 sales:

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