Twitter: Here's the way to "look" as verified

As most of you may know, Twitter adds a small verification icon to every verified account (this small verified icon twitter verified icon) to most accounts of the celebrities, in order to avoid having people get victims of fraud. Don't worry, you and I will not probably receive such an icon any time soon.


There are some people though who use an not so politically correct way to obtain this type of icon. Yes, you got it, they use a wallpaper on the back side of their profile picture with this icon on it and try to center it, so that it will be placed at the same place the... original icon would be, if their account was indeed verified!

Please guys, don't try this at home, since your account will probably be suspended. This is after all against Twitter's policy. We're just letting you know, so that you won't fall for any Internet scams in the future.

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