Castle in the Sky: The movie that has the record for the most tweets in a second

In August 3, we had a new record on Twitter for the most tweets which have been sent within one second and it was caused by the classic animation of Hayao Miyazaki, Castle in the sky!


As reported by Time Magazine, the great film of 1986, under the production of the legendary studio Ghibli, was released that day by a TV station in Japan and on 11:21:50 PM , 143.199 tweets were sent at the same time, obliterating the previous record in 2011. It is a tradition in the most Asian countries for the viewers of Castle in the Sky, widely regarded as one of the best animation films made ever, to send the word “Balse”, which is a specific line from the movie, at a specific moment while it’s playing on TV. The last time they watched the movie in 2011, the record reached only 11,349 tweets. Even more behind are the 8,868 tweets of Beyonce when she announced her pregnancy during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011.

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