How many tweets and Facebook messages do we need to complete a relationship?

Remember the time when all you had to do to get to know a girl was to ask for her phone number and wait patiently up to 3 days before asking her out for a third time. Today things are so different, with speed being a major factor in the way a relationship is being made. The second contact (getting to know someone is the first) is now being made through Social Media in the first 4 hours.


According to a Pixmania research it takes 224 tweets, 163 text messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 email and 30 phone calls in order for a friendship to turn into a relationship. All of the above show that now it takes almost a day (24 hours) to create a relationship when the default period of time was approximately two and a half months (78 days that is). In case you don't use Social Media so much don't worry. It won't be long when you ask a girl for her phone number and she will give you her Facebook profile.

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