The crowd funding and Twitter saved the life of a female dog, called Aura!

In this era of instant information and feedback that we are going through, the news spread fast and the best part is that we can unite our efforts quickly and simply, for a common good purpose. Just like the effort to rescue a female dog after the abuse from a brutal man.


Aura was found in Katakolo,Pirgos of Greece from an animal rescue organization (@PareToMiden on Twitter) in very bad condition, with her chin broken (perhaps she was kicked by a man with his foot), suffering from pain and she was bleeding out. As if the local veterinarian recommended euthanasia to prevent her from suffering, the animal rescue organization which found her, came in contact with other vets and they finally found a way to perform surgery to restore the damage, hoping that she would end in the hands of someone who will love her and take care of her.


However, the surgery was not for free, it cost 1,000 euros, certainly a not too large but not negligible amount, especially to be covered by the @PareToMiden. Fortunately there are the social networks on the Internet specially Twitter which did everything to raise the necessary money (#save_avra), via @thesspirit which helped them. A fund raiser was set up to the known entitled "save-aura" and in a few hours, 1,000 euros were collected and have been exceeded by 70 donors, in order to cover the cost of the surgery for the dog. In fact, those who donated 20 euros will be rewarded with a "dog kiss" from Aura and those who donated 50 euros they will be able to take a photograph with her, when it gets well.

The last update wants Aura traveling to the veterinarian on the back seat of a black Mercedes, with the comfort and the luxury that she deserves, after her abuse. A typical case which shows again the huge power of social media and that our humanity is not lost, despite the difficult times!

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