If the things you are doing online, you did them in real life ... (video)

You watch the reviews of the famous people on Twitter and have an enthusiasm when they publish their photos in their profiles on Facebook and search for more posts. Would you do this in real life? Would you be where these celebrities are to watch their everyday life or to listen to them talking?


You change the relationship status in your Facebook account and suddenly, all those whom you have added there (not only friends, but members, strangers, family members) learn that you are in relationship. In real life, would you go to all you know just to yell "I am in relationship!"? And if you would have done it, do you wonder how they would react?

There are many things that we do online and seam to be easy. We argue with strangers in forums or in the comments of a public post on Facebook or Twitter. Many times without reason or cause. If all the things that we are doing online, we did in real life, we would look a little ... ridiculous. Watch how:

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