2 million passwords have been stolen from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail

The online safety is not ensured for almost any user in the world, but the worst incidents relating to mass hacks and stealing personal data that each time target to million people in the world. The last outbreak occurred recently, with 2 million usernames and passwords from various countries of the world and from various sites, falling into slums according to CNN.


The central server, where the attacks came from, was found in Netherlands and it was found that the hackers used keyloggers which had been installed remotely on computers around the world, in order to acquire the data. Further analysis revealed that 2 million passwords were stolen, the overwhelming majority of which was related to Facebook (318.000) and Google (Gmail, YouTube, G+) to follow with 70,000 passwords. Other 60,000 users of Yahoo are victims of the attack, while only 22,000 accounts of Twitter and 8,000 of LinkedIn have been found to be infected.

The companies were informed and consequently informed their users to change their passwords, but this incident shows once again how vulnerable we are and how grave it is to maintain important information online, especially if we do not have an "emergency plan" in case someone stole our code. Only a few users take care to ensure their accounts with secondary codes, security questions, etc. and of course the service providers are not responsible for any keylogger that could be installed on a user's pc.

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