Are you polite? You may have a cheaper coffee!

The kindness is rewarded at La Petit Syrah cafe in Nice, France, where you might pay a coffee from 1.40 to ... 7 Euros, depending on how polite you are during the order. The menu can be found on twitter and you can see it in the following pics, while they offer free lessons of simple order in ... french.


As the manager of "La Petit Syrah cafe", Fabrice Pepino, says this began as a joke, when the employees pointed out that some customers were quite rude on their orders, especially at the time they were busy from everyday life and their jobs. And apparently, the way to remember kindness, in order to maintain it at all the time, was found...

Uh.. something tells us that in our country such a method would have a result, as we would prefer polite people around us without benefits. But this is something that today would be classified as ... "Utopia".

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