Ladies and gentlemen ... GIF images appear now on Twitter!

Twitter announced (finally) that GIF images are now available in the web version ( and in the official applications for Android and iOS. Windows phones and TweetDeck do not support them.


Users will understand if an image is GIF, as it would have in the center a play button. As you have understood, GIFs will not be played automatically on the home page of the users, but only on the page of each tweet. The animated GIFs are not acceptable to all social networks, although most of them have finally adopted this type of images. We can see now GIFs on Twitter, Pinterest, Google , but not on Facebook, which formally declares that the GIFs images will make a haos on the home page of the users.


Soon, third applications which are connected with Twitter are expected to support GIFs images, as Twitter is expected to renew its API. Finally, the announcement tweet for the GIF images is following from Twitter Support account. Starting today, you can share and view animated GIFs on, Android and iPhone.

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