Google to add multi-language support in Google Search on Android

Google is working to add true support for multiple languages in Google Voice Search. The app can currently understand and respond in 52 languages but it will soon add the ability to switch between languages on the fly in the app, making it a real multilingual service.


According to a report in CNET, Google will let the users add up to seven primary and secondary languages, after which the users will be able speak in any of the languages and the app will understand and respond.  The simultaneous support for seven languages is quite a feat for Google as voice search itself is quite complicated and a lot of factors are involved.

Earlier supposed to roll-out in the coming days, the feature has now been delayed and will be arriving later this summer.

“Multi-language support is complicated stuff and they found some bugs during their final testing phase that they wanted to fix before making the feature generally available,” a Google spokesperson told CNET.

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