Facebook and Twitter on Motorola’s Motoactv Android watch

Motorols’s exercise oriented gadget just received a new update, with which it got even more “social”. By connect the Motoactv to your computer and running the Motocast program, you can automatically proceed with the updating process. So, with the new firmware, the Android wrist device has acquired new applications for Facebook and Twitter access. Of course, for this kind of tasks, Motoactv’s small screen is probably not the best choice, but at least it’s an “emergency” solution.

The new firmware though, brings other improvements as well, like higher accuracy in locating your position on the map, and easier WiFi setup. Besides that, there are now more options by which you can organize your exercises, as well as new features for golfing. You can visit Motorola’s official website if you want to know more details about all of the changes.

Source : Motorola

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