iPad mini coming on October 17th?

We may still have no official confirmation by Apple, but all indications say that the iPad mini will appear in the current month, with a possible release date on October 17th.

Apparently the american company has already given the order, and mass production for the tablet has started, which according to rumors is manufactured at a Foxconn factory in Brazil.

Information also talks about sending invitations to american tech website journalists about Apple’s event for presenting the device on October 10th, with a possible date for the event itself on the 17th. According to what we are used to by Apple, it seems the iPad mini will be available to stores immediately after, with information talking about this happening in late October, or possibly on November 2nd.

The “little” iPad, which barring unforseen changes, will feature a 7.85-inch screen, is Apple’s response to similar products by Google and Amazon. And even though Steve Jobs did not believe at all in the “power” of small tablets, it seems times have now changed, and Apple prepares to release their own product of this kind. We are waiting for it!

Source : CNET & Mashable

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