Bill Gates: “Ctrl – Alt – Delete” for PC’s was a huge mistake

It looks like Bill Gates admitted recently that the  Ctrl – Alt – Delete combination of keys – in order to login to a PC- was… a mistake!

Well those of us who now use Windows 8 don’t have this problem no more, but if you use an older version of Windows or Windows at Work then you keep facing this… demand from the OS. According to Bill Gates however, this key combination intended to stop other apps from imitating a login effort and steal the user’s password. “It was a mistake” said Gates laughing in court. We could just assign one key to do it but the man who designed IDM’s keyboard didn’t want to give us a specific key for this function.

David Bradley – an engineer who worked for the original IBM PC was inspired to use this key combination – even though it was originally designed to reboot a PC. “I may have been the one to create this combination but Bill was the one who made it famous” said Bradley during a previous interview he gave.