Best TV Series in the Last Decade

Best TV Series in the Last Decade

What are you waiting for to do a proper marathon with all these series that you can see on Netflix, HBO, Movistar or Amazon Prime Video and that are among our usual favorites for very different reasons? An essential series ranking.

  1. ‘The Crown’

Created and developed by Peter Morgan, ‘The Crown’ portrays the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of England with the intention of historical rigor and, above all, authentic elegance. An ambitious and costly production that offers us a more humane vision of the faraway figure of the monarch and those around her, dedicating above all the tremendous interpretive work of her distribution.

  1. “The Good Wife”

The legal and political Drama created by Robert and Michelle King that finally managed to defeat the stereotypes and conventionalisms that surround the television procedures thanks to the UN mastery of the television language and the dramatic script that was believed to be lost on American Open television. Great performances, ethical practices, Conrad costumes, and the (classical) scandal of music as the guiding thread complete this jewel.

  1. “The handmaid’s tale.”

‘The maid’s tale,’ based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, portrays a difference so absolute that it approaches the social reality of the United States that it could not have crashed at a more convenient time. Begerradora, depressing and devastating, with a colossal work of interpretation and a magical flame behind-the-scenes direction, ‘the tale of criticism’ is the most recent series to be placed on this list.

  1. ’30 Rock’

Iconic sitcom designed by Tina Fey, based on her ‘Saturday Night Live’ Experience which is, to date, the most brilliant satire ever created. Her intelligence, her mastery of meta referencing as the key to her humor and the construction of a delusional television universe make her one of the jewels of modern television.

  1. ‘Battlestar Galactica’

A jewel of science fiction as few in which not so much the special effects weigh but its universe rich in the organism, mythology, and characters full of depth. One of the few series that can be observed from as many perspectives as one wants, from religious to pure entertainment.

  1. ‘Desperate Housewives’

Who said a soap opera couldn’t compete with the big TV shows? Marc Cherry placed his “losses” in the first line appeal details thanks to the accommodation of the themes of the evening table, with a rich and varied set of characters (and their respective actresses), and a series of addictive and well-structured stories.

  1. “Friday Night Lights”

Peter Berg achieved two things with ‘Friday Night Lights’: placing a teenage drama among the best ficci Rescue of the last decade and noting that the public, especially the foreigner or the allergic to televised sports, is attracted to football. ‘Friday Night Lights’ stands out on its excellent mastery of drama; for how it plays with the elements of family drama, teen and sports; and for an impressive cast of actors/characters, led by the couple of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

  1. ‘Mad Men’

The drama of time representative of the which was referred to as the “Golden Age of television,” developed by Matthew Weiner and starring by heavyweights of the Date of Jon Hamm and raised Moss That, as it could mean anyone, needs no introduction. If you haven’t seen one of the most elegant, brilliant and magnificent written series of our time yet, you’re still on time.

  1. ‘Six feet under the ground.’

It is a devastating and profound family drama devised by Alan Ball, who explores the desires of life and death through the portrait of a family member who is in charge of a funeral home. Without a doubt, one of the most devastating dramas on our list (with the exception, perhaps, of ‘The Leftovers’) for the themes it deals with and its depth, but at the same time handled sardonic humor like no other, completing an exquisite combination.

  1. ‘The Sopranos’

For many the best series of the story, ‘The Sopranos’ David Chase is the natural heir television of ‘The Godfather’ portrays not only of the un section of the mafia in the United States. But also a series of issues that never were dealt with in the television with the same depth as up to that time: the crime, the family, gender roles, culture, or even mental illness. ‘Los Soprano’ was one of the first series for which film critics had to look at the small screen thanks to its prodigious quality of script, direction, and interpretation, among other technical particularities.

  1. ‘Breaking Bad’

Probably one of the most influential Millennium television series,’ Breaking Bad ‘ruled a before and an after in the definition of” good dramatic series ” and, today’s loudspeaker serves as a comparison for many. This creation of Vince Gilligan I followed the steps of a teacher institute that is forced (and then delighted) to develop a business of production and trafficking of methamphetamine, held captive by its rawness, its brilliant script and the interpretive work of the actors, allocating the colossal Bryan Cranston.

  1. “Game of Thrones”

More than a series, a phenomenon, ‘Game of Thrones’ could not be missing from our list. The television recreation of the rich universe by George R. R. Martin has left us one of the best productions in history in which they highlight their great stories, in-depth characters and moments that have come to a stop our hearts.